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mpc5748G SDK compiler errors and warnings

Question asked by guoliangzhang on Oct 15, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by Jiri Kral

Hello, i'm trying to import from an example project (flexcan_mpc5748g) using the SDK for 5847G. it seems i would need to do two extra steps before i can compile: 1, attach the SDK after import is completed; 2, generate code from ProcExpert. 


this seems to work if i try to build right after the code gen from procExpert except a few warnings about non-existance path in the SDK, for example:


Description Resource Path Location Type
Invalid project path: Include path not found (C:\NXP\S32DS_Power_v1.2\S32DS\S32_SDK_MPC574xx_EAR_0.8.1\platform\pal\inc). flexcan_mpc5748g pathentry Path Entry Problem


Description Resource Path Location Type
Invalid project path: Missing project folder or file: \flexcan_mpc5748g\MPC5748G_SDK_Z4_0_GCC for Source path. flexcan_mpc5748g pathentry Path Entry Problem


while i was trying to follow the link, the mentioned pal\inc path indeed does not exist. while i was exploring around the generated sdk code (note this is after the .elf has been generated for the project), some code from the sdk starts to show red marks complaining "type bool could not be resolved". for example, in the clock_manager.c


status_t CLOCK_SYS_UpdateConfiguration(uint8_t targetConfigIndex,
clock_manager_policy_t policy)
uint8_t callbackIdx;
bool successfulSetConfig;


this would prevent me from any further rebuild of the same project.


so my question is two folds: 1, why i could build the project in the first place and generated the proj.elf? was there precompiled files from proc expert being copied to my proj folder? 2, what was the compiler settings or language settings that causes the bool type error? C99 defines bool but not C89/90 i guess.