Motor Control Class: Lecture 8 - Power Stage Configuration (DevKit MotorGD)

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In this 8th lecture of the motor control course we discuss about power stage (DevKit MotorGD) configuration that involves the configuration and initialization of the MC34GD3000 FET pre-driver via SPI commands and the setup of the FlexPWM peripheral to generate PWM commands to the inverter MOSFETs


Main topics:

    - What is MC34GD3000 FET pre-driver and how it works;

    - FET pre-driver initialization sequece;

    - Power Stage Configuration and Control pins;

    - How to configure the FlexPWM to generate PWM commands and validate the hardware;

    - How to configure the SPI communication;



    - Understand MC34GD3000 role;

    - Understand PWM;

    - Understand SPI communication;

    - Implement and validate models for power stage initialization, configuration and operation;


NOTE: Chinese viewers can watch the video on YOUKU using this link



Additional information:

    - pdf attached with slides shown in this video;

    - Simulink models used in this video;


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