Model-Based Design Toolbox for MPC57xx Automotive Microprocessors Version 3.2.0

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Product Release Announcement

Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors

NXP Model-Based Design Toolbox

for MPC57xx – version 3.2.0



Austin, Texas, USA

April 14th, 2020

The Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors Model-Based Design Tools Team at NXP Semiconductors is pleased to announce the release of the Model-Based Design Toolbox for MPC57xx version 3.2.0. This release supports automatic code generation for peripherals and applications prototyping from MATLAB/Simulink for NXP’s MPC574xB/C/G/P/R and MPC577xB/C/E series.


FlexNet Location

Activation link


Technical Support

NXP Model-Based Design Toolbox for MPC57xx issues are tracked through the NXP Model-Based Design Tools Community space.


Release Content

  • Automatic C code generation based on PA SDK 3.0.2 RTM drivers from MATLAB/Simulink for 21 NXP product families MPC574xB/C/G/P/R and MPC577xB/C/E derivatives:
  • MPC5744B, MPC5745B, MPC5746B                                                 (*updated)
  • MPC5744C, MPC5745C, MPC5746C, MPC5747C, MPC5748C       (*updated)
  • MPC5746G, MPC5747G, MPC5748G                                                (*updated)
  • MPC5741P, MPC5742P, MPC5743P, MPC5744P                              (*updated)
  • MPC5743R, MPC5745R, MPC5746R                                                 (*new)
  • MPC5775B, MPC5775E, MPC5777C                                                 (*new)
  • Multiple options for MCU packages, Build Toolchains and embedded Target Connections are available via Model-Based Design Toolbox Simulink main configuration block


  • Multiple peripherals and drivers supported

MPC574xP Ultra-Reliable MCU for Automotive & Industrial Safety Applications

MPC574xB/C/G Ultra-Reliable MCUs for Automotive & Industrial Control and Gateway

MPC574xR Ultra-Reliable MCUs for industrial and automotive engine/transmission control

MPC577xB/C/E Ultra-Reliable MCUs for Automotive and Industrial Engine Management

  • Add support for AUTOSAR Blockset for all MPC57xx parts to allow Processor-in-the-Loop simulation for Classic AUTOSAR Application Layer SW-C:   
  • Add support for Three Phase Field Effect Transistor Pre-driver, MC33GD3000, MC34GD3000, MC33937, and MC34937 configuration and control
  • Enhance MATLAB/Simulink support to all versions starting with 2016a to 2020a
  • Enhance the example library with more than 140 models to showcase various functionalities:
    • Core & Systems
    • Analogue
    • Timers
    • Communications
    • Simulations
  • Motor Control Applications


For more details, features and how to use the new functionalities, please refer to the Release Notes and Quick Start Guide documents attached.


MATLAB Integration

The NXP Model-Based Design Toolbox extends the MATLAB and Simulink experience by allowing customers to evaluate and use NXP’s MPC57xx MCUs and evaluation boards solutions out-of-the-box with:

  • NXP Support Package for MPC57xx Online Installer Guide Add-on allows users to install the NXP solution directly from the Mathworks website or directly from MATLAB IDE. The Support Package provides a step-by-step guide for installation and verification.  



Target Audience

This release (v.3.2.0) is intended for technology demonstration, evaluation purposes and prototyping for MPC574xB/C/G/P/R and MPC577xB/C/E MCUs and their corresponding Evaluation Boards:

  • DEVKIT-MPC5744P PCB RevA SCH RevE (*new)
  • DEVKIT-MPC5777C-DEVB                                                                     
  • Daughter Card MPC574XG-256DS RevB
  • Daughter Card X-MPC574XG-324DS RevA
  • Daughter Card MPC5744P-257DS RevB1
  • Daughter Card SPC5746CSK1MKU6
  • Daughter Card MPC5777C-516DS                                                      
  • Daughter Card MPC5777C-416DS                                                     
  • Motherboard X-MPC574XG-MB RevD
  • Motherboard MPC57XX RevC
  • Daughter Card MPC5775B-416DS (*new)
  • Daughter Card MPC5775E-416DS (*new)
  • Daughter Card MPC5746R-144DS (*new)
  • Daughter Card MPC5746R-176DS (*new)
  • Daughter Card MPC5746R-252DS (*new)



Useful Resources

Examples, Training, and Support:




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