Motor Control Class: Lecture 1 - Introduction

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We start this course with this introduction video that present the hardware we will work with throughout this series. 


Main topics:

    - MPC5744P DevKit main hardware features;

    - MotorGD DevKit main hardware features;

    - How to install the Model Based Design Toolbox for MPC5744P revision 2.0.0;

    - How to generate a license;

    - How to setup a compiler toolchain using S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture;

    - How to add the Model Based Design Toolbox for MPC5744P into the Simulink Standard Libraries;

    - How to validate the software installation by generation C code for the first time;



    - Understand the hardware setup;

    - Download and Install the Model Based Design Toolbox for MPC5744P;

    - Generate a license for the toolbox;

    - Configure the toolbox and generate code for the first time;


Watch the introduction video and leave your comments and questions below.


Additional information:

    - Model Based Design Toolbox for MPC5744P Installer: here

    - MPC5744P DevKit – Product Home Page: here

    - MotorGD DevKit – Product Home Page: here

    - MPC5744P DevKit – Quick Start Guide: here 

    - MPC5744P – Product Home Page: here

    - MPC5744P – Reference Manual: here

    - MPC5744P – Fact Sheet: here

    - MPC5744P – Data Sheet: here

    - MC34GD3000 – Data Sheet: here

    - BUK7K52-60E – Data Sheet: here

    - S32DS for PA (e200 core) – Download Link: here

    - PDF attached with main peripherals that we are going to use for motor control


NOTE: Chinese viewers can watch the video on YOUKU using this link.