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TW9900 Driver

Question asked by moowonlee on Sep 22, 2016
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   I'm developing  TW9900 Driver on linux-3.10.53.


   I will connect Analog CAM  to TW9900 and TW9900 to imx6. 


     Analog CAM  ====nstc====>Tw9900 ====BT656 =====> imx6 CSI1


   I found tw9910.c  in <linux-3.10.53>/drivers/media/i2c/soc_camera. 


  I revised device tree. 


 kernel configuration 

      device_drivers-> multimedia_support --> sensors used on soc_camera_driver -> tw9910 support <*>


  so, I tested tw9910 driver.

   i founded  tw9910 driver  error message. 

      "tw9910 2-0044 : TW9910: missing platform data! 


 It is tw9910 dirver probe source.


   I think soc_camera_i2c_to_desc(client) function returns NULL.

  Why return valuse is NULL? 

   How resolve this problems??



 Is it right to use this video decoder ? 

 i found something,  <linux-3.10.53>/drivers/media/platform/mxc/capture/adv7180.c

 adv7180 is video decoder.  


what is different between soc camera and video decoder?