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Migrating project from CW 6.2 to CW 10

Question asked by k s on Nov 8, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by Pascal Irrle

1) Can we directly migrate the project from CodeWarrior Development Studio for ColdFire Architectures v6.2 to CW10/Eclipse? If not what is the best method of migrating? Do i need to upgrade to higher version of CW and then to CW 10?

2) I tried migrating using Codewarrior project impoter as suggested in the fourm Importing your CodeWarrior projects but am getting error, below is the description


For our project we are using CodeWarrior Development Studio for ColdFire Architectures v6.2 for microcontroller MCF5485. We want to migrate to Eclipse Codewarrior(C language, Version: 1.0.0 ,Build Id: b15_2105-A22). When I try to migrate *.mcp using Codewarrior project impoter am getting error. Error: unsupported settings panel version in Release. Can anybody help me to understand why this error is coming and is it right way to migrate? Please let me know if we have any other way to migrate.




Thanks in Advance