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Strange behaviour of the Advanced Programming Options

Question asked by Pascal Schröer on Jun 16, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by Pascal Schröer

Hi at all,


At the moment I'm writing my bachelor thesis about gas analystics. My company told me to take the Kinetis MK10DX128VLH7 MCU

for this project. I haven't found any evaluation board with this specific MCU. So I had the idea to take the FRDM K20D50M board and change

the processor, to simulate my ressources. Well, this idea works and I can program and debug my software! But now, I would like to

save some data in the internal eeprom and flash. So I need to change some settings in the Advanced Programming Options of the CW.

I'm using CW1.6 and there is the following screen:



So now the problem:

All times, when I change only one parameter of these settings for example the "Preserve Memory range" or the checkbox

"Preserve Partitioning for the device",I can't debug my program anymore. I get the following error message:



So I tried to reset the settings but that doesn't fix the error message! I have to delete the whole project and

reimport it, to be able to debug the device.


Does anyone has got an idea why I can't change these settings? b.t.w there is the same problem when I'm using CW1.4


Thanks for your help!