NXP Technology Days - Detroit - October 16-17, 2018

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NXP Technology Days - Detroit - October 16-17, 2018

NXP Technology Days - Detroit - October 16-17, 2018


An Introduction to S32 Design Studio for Vision IDE and S32 Debugger 

An NXP DroneCode Platform for Developing Low-Cost Small Autonomous Vehicles and Leveraging High-Reli...

Attach PMIC Offerings for NXP's Next-Generation Multi-Media Processors  

Automotive—Safety Power Management Solutions for Car Electrification and ADAS 

Automotive Ethernet PHY + Software 

Automotive NFC Solutions 


Battery Management Systems Solution for Car Electrification 

Beginner Session on BLE 

Bluetooth® LE Advanced Session on Localization

CAN FD and Partial Networking 

CAN in Future Networks Understanding The Different Trends and Solutions 

Car Audio Goes Class-D—BAP3 and NXP Audio Amplifiers 

Deep Dive: Yocto Project™ Tools + MEK 

Effective PCB Design: Techniques to Improve Performance 

Electrification—Functional Safety Backbone Solutions to Attach with S32 

Electrification—HV EV Power Inverter System Utilizing the GD3100 

Extended Resource Domain Controller xRDC 

Getting Started with AUTOSAR MCAL

Hands-On Workshop: Developing with NXP's Automotive Smart RF Remote Control Interface (RCI) 

Hands-On Workshop: FreeMASTER Quickstart – Application Development and Debug Made Easy

Hands-On Workshop: Getting Started with MagniV®

Hands-On Workshop: Getting Started with S32K

Hands-On Workshop: Using the New Low-Cost S32V SOM Development Platform for Vision/ADAS Processing 

Hands-On Workshop: Working with Automotive NFC

High-Performance Networking Processors for Automotive Applications

How to Use GreenBox Platform for Powertrain and VDS Applications

i.MX 8 Audio and Tensilica® HiFi 4 Overview 

i.MX 8 DRAM Introduction and Tools Overview Plus Hardware Design 

i.MX 8 Fast-Packet Routing Software 

i.MX 8 MCUs with SafeAssure®-Certified Features—Camera, Video, Audio, Trusted Environment 

i.MX 8 Product Overview 

i.MX RT Family 

i.MX 8 Security Overview (SECO, HAB, BOOT Flow, ATF, xRDC, CST) 

i.MX 8 System Controller Unit and System Controller Firmware Overview 

i.MX 8 Universal Update Utility (UUU) Tools and Pins Tool 

In-Vehicle Wireless Charging Design 

Interfacing Solutions – Designing with NXP Analog Switches, High-Speed Switches, Voltage Translators... 

Introduction: Yocto Project™ Tools + MEK 

Introduction to Ethernet-capable Processors for Automotive 

Introduction to NXP Automated Drive Kit 

IVI/eCockpit Platform on i.MX 8 

Low-Power Modes MPC5xxx and Beyond 

MCU Technology Topic: Hands-On Workshop: Writing CSEc Security Software on S32K MCU 

Micron® Technology: Micron’s Memory Solutions for the New i.MX 8 Microprocessor Family 

Model-Based Design Tools for Vision and Radar

Next-Generation Functional Safety Architecture 

NXP® Automotive Cybersecurity Program 

OTA Updates—Requirements for a Full System Solution 

Power Distribution Made Easy: Case Studies 

S32 Automotive Platform: Performance for Advanced Control Systems 

S32 Radar Processor, Product Revolution

Scalable and Safe Power Management Solutions for Automotive Market 

Secure CAN Communication—The System Impact by Software-Based Approaches and a Simple Hardware-Based ... 

The Introduction of NXP Wireless Charging 

The Rise and Evolution of Automotive Gateways 

Time Sensitive Networking (TSN)—Enable a Predictable, Reliable and Robust Ethernet Network 

Vehicle Network Processing with the MPC5748G MCU + LS1043A Processor - Detroit

xEV HV Traction Motor Power Inverter Platform

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