Debug hanging during download using MPC5777C-DEVB and Multilink FX

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Debug hanging during download using MPC5777C-DEVB and Multilink FX

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I'm having a problem where the debug session locks up during download to Flash on the MPC5777C-DEVB using a Multilink Universal FX.

I'm using S32DS 2.1 UP14 and the hello_world_mpc5777c example from S32_SDK_S32PA_RTM_3.0

Debug configurations are the default the come with the example.

Debug sessions in RAM work fine. 

I have attached the output from the console and Debugger Console windows for reference.

Everything seems to be in order, but it just never gets any further than "Processing Object File Data ..." and no error messages are issued by the IDE. progress bar stuck at 98%

Any Ideas what going on?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Mike,

I don not see anything suspicions in your attached logs. 

What hw do you use, NXP EVB board or a custom board?

1) could you make sure the boot mode for the device is set to internal flash (FAB, ABS signals)?

2) check the status of reset pin to make sure there is no reset while processing the file.

3) can you create an empty single core project for MPC5777C using S32DS project wizard and program it into flash? (FLASH build configuration)

4) Perhaps you can try to program s-record instead of elf to eliminate corrupted elf file case. (simply replace elf with .mot file in the debug configuration)

Hope it helps.


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Hi Stanish,

Thanks for the reply.

It is a MPC5777C-DEVB dev board. new out of the box and was tested as working with the shipped code to drive the serial terminal.

Boot mode is set to boot from flash.

No resets occurring during the transfer. Reset pulse of 100mS occurs at the beginning then RESET_B remains high.

Empty project created, no difference.

Tried using the SREC output, with no change. logs attached.

just seems to hang while programming.

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