S12ZVC or LPC11C24 Mbed Support?

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S12ZVC or LPC11C24 Mbed Support?

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Are S12ZVC or LPC11C24 Boards supported by Mbed? I am looking for an beginner friendly Solution for Students and Interns to work with boards that have a CAN Transceiver on board. The Arduino is very limited for stuff like this.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Christian,

Non of the MCU that you say has support for Mbed, a good option for this would be use the FRDM K64F and use an external transiver as the TJA1057, this one has support for Mbed.

For the Kinetis Family a board that has a CAN Transiver integrated is the FRDM - KEAZ128, the MCUXpress IDE has some tools that helps in the configuration of the board and its easy set up and the SDK has many examples that you can follow, including some CAN examples.

Also the S12ZVC include many examples that could help in the developing process.

Best Regards,


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