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Hi,      If you would like to use processor expert for S12XHY family, you should install Codewarrior v5.1 and the patch of  CW12_V5_1_PE_V3_05_SP.exe, NOT use Codewarrior v5.2 which does not support it. CW12_V5_1_PE_V3_05_SP.exe could be gotten through the link. S12GA48 Device Initialization     Codewarrior 5.1 could be gotten through the link.
Get “IDE failed to start …” message     A- Description   In some case after to have installed Classic version, you could meet an error when you launch the IDE.     Most of the time the error is introduced because the IDE is not correctly registered. As suggested by the message we need to execute the \bin\regservers.bat file. This will initialize correctly the dlls used by the IDE.   In some case, most of the time under 64 bit OS (Win 7 and Win 8), the \bin\regservers.bat generates some errors:           B- Solution   To solve the problem we need to execute the \bin\regservers.bat file via a Command Prompt running as Administrator mode.   Now we can launch the IDE   Attached a video showing the process.   Hope this will help.