HDMI Dongle Reference Design Release

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HDMI Dongle SW:

The attachment is an HDMI dongle patch based on R13.4 GA. The patches include r13.4-ga-add-on-patches. You can patch it after applying R13.4 GA patch such as add-on patches. You can run script to revb_dongle_patch_install.sh to apply these patches.

How to apply the hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20121115.tgz:

1. Suppose your android source top is ~/myandroid

2. tar zfvx hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20121115.tgz -C ~/

3. copy revb_dongle_patch_install.sh to ~/

4. cd hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch

5. ~/revb_dongle_patch_install.sh

6. The  revb_dongle_patch_install.sh will take ~/myandroid as default directory to do patch

7. If your android source tree top is not ~/myandroid. For example, ~/myandroid_ICS, please run ~/revb_dongle_patch_install.sh ~/myandroid_ICS


The following is the release notes for  hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130118.tgz

1. New features:
   a. uboot fastboot
   b. ldo bypass
   c. ntfs support

   d. bluetooth A2DP


2. Bug fix
   a. WifiDirect connect issue
   b. realtek throughput issue with TPLink AP


3. File list:

   README.TXT                                      --- this file
   0001-uboot_fastboot.patch                       --- uboot fastboot  patch
   0002-LDOBYPASS.patch                            --- enable ldo bypass  patch
   0003-WifiDirect.patch                           --- wifi direct connect patch
   0004-ntfs_support.patch                         --- ntfs support patch
   0005-BT_enable.patch                            --- enable bluetooth A2DP
   0006-1G_boot_stable.patch                       --- make 1G bootup stable
   ntfs-3g.tar.gz                                  --- open source ntfs-3g for ntfs support
   rtl8192ce_v4.0.0_6239.20121226_TPIOT1.tgz       --- realtek new driver for TPLink AP throughput issue
   MD5SUM.TXT                                      --- md5 check sum


4. Patch guide
   Please run md5sum -c MD5SUM.TXT first to confirm all the files received are ok.
   All these patches are based on the patch release hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20121115.tgz
   You need to do as following: R13.4 GA--->patch hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20121115.tgz --> patch hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130118.tgz
   Supposed the ~/myandroid is your top directory of the android source tree.
   Please run the following command to apply the patches .
   $tar zfvx hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130118.tgz -C ~/
   $cd ~/myandroid
   $git apply  ~/hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130118/0001-uboot_fastboot.patch --verbose
   $git apply  ~/hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130118/0002-LDOBYPASS.patch --verbose
   $git apply  ~/hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130118/0003-WifiDirect.patch --verbose
   $git apply  ~/hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130118/0004-ntfs_support.patch --verbose
   $git apply  ~/hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130118/0005-BT_enable.patch --verbose
   $git apply  ~/hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130118/0006-1G_boot_stable.patch --verbose
   $rm -rf kernel_imx/drivers/net/wireless/rtl8192ce
   $tar zfvx ~/hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130118/rtl8192ce_v4.0.0_6239.20121226_TPIOT1.tgz
   $tar zfvx ~/hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130118/ntfs-3g.tar.gz -C external


5. Build and run



new patch 0007-battery_always_full.patch:


Some games check the battery capacity to determine, it could run or not. But on the hdmi dongle we have no real battery, it makes some games can not run on the hdmi dongle.  We enable the fake battery let the andorid feel it has battery and it is 100% full.

1. Please use this patch after patch hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130118.tgz

2. suppose your android top directory is ~/myandroid and you put he 0007-battery_always_full.patch in your home directory ~

3. cd ~/myandroid

4. git apply --verbose ~/0007-battery_always_full.patch

5. please rebuild bootimage and run


patch   0008-boot_unlock_screen.patch:

When bootup, it goes into desktop rather than screen locker.


1. suppose your android top directory is ~/myandroid and you put the 0008-boot_unlock_screen.patch in your home directory ~

2. cd ~/myandroid

3. git apply --verbose ~/0008-boot_unlock_screen.patch

4. please rebuild systemtimage and run

2. cd ~/myandroid

3. git apply --verbose ~/0008-boot_unlock_screen.patch

patch 0009-uboot-enable-mmu-fix.patch:

This patch is for some issue in mmu enable.

It will improve all the modules in uboot.


1. suppose your android top directory is ~/myandroid and you put the 0009-uboot-enable-mmu-fix.patch in your home directory ~

2. cd ~/myandroid

3. git apply --verbose ~/0009-uboot-enable-mmu-fix.patch

4. please rebuild uboot  and rub



patch tarball   hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130123.tgz:


hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130123.tgz contains 0007-battery_always_full.patch  0008-boot_unlock_screen.patch 0009-uboot-enable-mmu-fix.patch

remove attached files here: 0007-battery_always_full.patch  0008-boot_unlock_screen.patch 0009-uboot-enable-mmu-fix.patch



Remove hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130123.tgz, hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130118.tgz and upload hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130124.tgz


hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130124.tgz  contains all patches in hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130123.tgz, hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130118.tgz.

Please use the  hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130124.tgz.



Besides all the patches released before.

Three more patches are added in this patch tar ball.



0010-boot_disable_screenlocker.patch                     --- For fix  0008-boot_unlock_screen.patch

0011-wm8326-DC_CONTROL_RATE.patch                        --- Change the wm8326 pmic rate to immediate voltage change

0012-Added-default-video-mode-check-make-sur.patch       --- Video mode check




Just change the readme  to place emphasis on   the 0006-1G_boot_stable.patch reverse


Reverse patch 0008-boot_unlock_screen.patch and 0006-1G_boot_stable.patch


0008-boot_unlock_screen.patch: it has some problem but doesn't do any harm to the hdmi dongle.

                                                 Please use 0010-boot_disable_screenlocker.patch, instead.

0006-1G_boot_stable.patch:  The patch take more cpu delay to adapt the pmic, we change the pmic setting

                                            in  0010-boot_disable_screenlocker.patch. This patch is no needed. And it will lower

                                           the performance. Please reverse it.

                                           cd ~/myandroid

                                           git apply --verbose ~/0006-1G_boot_stable.patch                                          




There are three important fixes include in this release. They make the dongle stable.

1. lowmem killer issue fix

2. Update realtek wifi driver to fix the soft ap issue

3. Wifi p2p framework fix to resovle wifi direct only one side work issue


Please read the README.TXT for detail and the other changes.



This patch tar ball include all the patches in hdmidongle_REVB_R13.4_patch-20130221.tgz.

Besides, it has a new patches 0020-DL_WifiDirect_Concunrrent_crash_fix.patch to fix the crash issue on DL board.


HDMI Dongle HW:


HDMI Dongle schematic, pcb, gerber and BOM have been attached, the detailed hardware feature has been list below:


Core Configure
Operating SystemAndroid 4.x Operating System Based on Micro-PC Platform
CPU ProcessorFreescale i.MX6x DualLite/Quad Core
DRAM StorageDDR3 1GigaByte Size, Data rate 1066MT/s
Flash Storage4GigaByte NAND flash ROM
Power System
Power SupplyDC JACK / Micro USB : 5V/2A
LED StatusGreen: Power ON; Red: System Run
MicroSD SocketSDXC Support, Up to 32GB size
USB HOST 2.0USB 2.0 HOST Support
USB OTG 2.0USB 2.0 OTG Support
HDMI OutputHDMI TypeA Plug connector, 1080p@60Hz output
Video DecoderSupport Variety of Video Format: MPEG4/H.263/H.264/MJPEG/Xvid/VC-1/WMV/MPEG2/VP8...
Audio DecoderSupport Variety of Audio Format: MP3/AAC/LPCM/FLAC/AMR/AC3/WMA/Vorbis
GPU SupportGC2000 GPU core,2D/3D engine support,OpenGL support
Wireless Network
WiFi NetworkIEEE 802.11b/g/n,Up to 300Mbps,AP/P2P/Sta Mode Support
KeyRecovery key support






OTT TV BOX LINK: https://community.freescale.com/docs/DOC-94561


JB4.2 patches link : Patches for HDMI Dongle JB4.2.2_1.0.0-GA Release