EXAMPLE: S32k144 UART printf/scanf under FreeRTOS - S32DS

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Application based on FreeRTOS S32DS example performs prinf/scanf functionality
in FreeRTOS. Application runs in two modes - standard run-time mode with two tasks
maintained by scheduler and command mode implementing basic memory monitor.
Application was tested with putty terminal (http://www.putty.org/).


Putty serial terminal settings: 115200 8N1, no HW control.


In run-time mode is green LED blinking and on terminal are shown task
counter values.


To enter into COMMAND MODE - press button (next to LED diode). LED light
switches to red and you can enter commands.


Available commands:


F show free heap memory
A set memory address
V print value on address
M set address to main()
P previous mem page
N next mem page
? help
X Exit from command mode


Putty configuration:



Terminal output: