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i.MX8MM-EVK - design correctly ethernet

Question asked by Shai Berman on Jun 25, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2020 by Wigros Sun

Hi team,

this new thread is a follow up for my previous thread which can be referred in the link below

IMX8MM EVK - typeC to typeA/B connector

It looks like there is some mismatch when comparing the USB's design in imx6qdl-sabreSD board to IMX8M (as you recommend)


On iMX6, RGMII_INT connects to ENET_RXD1(W22), ETH_WOL_INT connect to ENET_TX_EN (V21) and USB_OTG_ID connect to ENET_RX_ER (W23), IMX8 EVB does not include those extra pins.

Could you please advise what are the correct pins on IMX8.

Right now on my customer design:

• ENET_nINT – connect to GPIO1_IO10(AD10)
• ENET_WoL - connect to GPIO1_IO11 (AC10)
• USB2_OTG_ID – Where to connect?

Waiting for your kindly advice, Thanks in advance and regards.