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IMX8MM EVK - typeC to typeA/B connector

Question asked by Shai Berman on May 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2020 by Shai Berman

Hello team,


My customer is trying to use IMX8MM EVK Type-C connector to run the USB2 UVC camera directly into the USB lines

 EVK link - 

They tried following this instruction: 

and changed the U-BOOT and the kernel as described – but didn’t understand what needs to be changed in the IOMUX part?

On the board – they connected DP/DN to their Test points and connected CC1, CC2 to GND (with a 56K Resistor).
also connected USB_ID to GND (with 100k resistor).
they are connected 5V from a power supply to F301 (fuse) – and shared GND with the board.
Is there anything else they need to change to make it work?


Please advise back, I'll appreciate your fast response.

Thanks in advance 


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