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How do I use the Profiler Function correctly?

Question asked by Sebastian Taege on Oct 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2020 by Constantin Razvan Chivu



I am using the NXP MBDT(Matalb 2017b, Toolboxversion: 4.1.0, S32K144EVB-Q100) and tried to use the Profiler Function. Attached you can find my simulink model. In that model I tried to test the Profiler Function by implementing a for-loop and measured an execution time of 3319 bus clock ticks. Then I copied the Matlab Function and expected an execution time which is twice as high. But then the FreeMASTER wasn't able to show the variable anymore it just appeared a question mark in the Variable Watch. Therefore I sent the execution time as a CAN-message using the FCAN-Send block. I measured an execution time of 187012 bus clock ticks. How is that possible? I expected a value between 6000 and 7000. Why did the FreeMASTER brake up I didn't change the configuration. Since I am already asking is it correct that the bus clock has in my model a frequency of 40MHz?


Any help on this issue would be highly appreciated!


Thanks in advance!