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ADC High Sampling Rate and Graph

Question asked by Sadab Mahmud on Mar 6, 2019
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I'm using S32K144 with S32DS. I want to use the ADC function with a very high sampling rate to capture a high frequency signal. What is the maximum sampling frequency I could achieve using this board?


I have already have coded ADC with SWTrigger mode (using the example code), and changed the PCC->PCCn[PCC_ADC0_INDEX] |= PCC_PCCn_PCS(6); to use the high frequency SPLL clock. Also, reduced the ADC0->CFG2 = 0x000000002; to reduce the sampling time.


Does this mean the ADC is sampling at 80MHz? Please check the attached code and let me know.


My next step is to get the ADC values and plot a graph using those values. It would be of great help if anyone could tell me a way to do that.


Any help is appreciated.