Example S32K144 PDB ADC trigger DMA ISR S32DS

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* Detailed Description:
* This example shows how to use the back-to-back mode of the PDB to trigger
* sequence of ADC channels conversion. 4 PDB channel pre-triggers/triggers are
* generated upon single PDB SW trigger. The first trigger is started by the PDB,
* no delay is used. Next 3 triggers start after corresponding acknowledgment is
* received from ADC.
* DMA is configured to read the ADC result registers.
* Within DMA major interrupt the new conversion scan is started via PDB SW request.
* Converted data is used to change color of the EVB led based on Trimmer position.
* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Test HW:         FRDM-S32K144
* MCU:             PS32K144HFVLL 0N77P
* Fsys:            160MHz
* Debugger:        S32DS
* Target:          internal_FLASH

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