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EVB-S32K144 No board detected using FreeMASTER Version

Question asked by E David Del Gomez on Nov 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2019 by Tim Weckheuer

Please, your help.  I have the following problem: In the application "FreeMASTER Version (Windows 20)" when I run "Connection Wizard" I get the following message: " No board detected on any specified UART communication ports ".

Communication Debug Log : Detect done [ERROR code=0x80000101]

On Windows 10 Devices: COM / LPT : Open SDA-CDC Serial Port (


I updated the SDA firmware  to MSD-DEBUG-EVB-S32K144_Pemicro_v119.SDA. from  :


But I get the same problem.

I appreciate your help.