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Rapid IoT Studio project example: Smart Botanic Garden

Discussion created by Kenney Qu Employee on Oct 30, 2018
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Here is a demo that developed based on the Rapid IoT.

I think you can develop your own project in a short time after read the design user guide

Attachments are :

  • Design user guide: 
    • UG_Rapid IoT Studio project example  Smart Botanic Garden.pdf
  • Video about the project(due to the size limitation, image quality is not so well, please send me your mail address if you want a high quality one) Please open it with 'Windows Media Player'
    • Video_Rapid IoT Studio project example  Smart Botanic Garden.wmv
  • Source code and binary
    • Automatic botanic garden_ firmware.bin
    • Automatic botanic garden.atmo
    • Automatic botanic garden_


Project introduction:

An automatic botanic garden can take care of your special plant (e.g. tropical plant);

The humidity, temperature, illumination intensity can be captured then send to your phone by BLE;

User can monitor if the environment is good for plant; 

When the external pump and humidifier are added, user can water the plant/add the humidity remotely. 


Any issue or not clear, feel free to leave your questions here!