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Updating Firmware on OM13098 / LPCxpresso54628

Question asked by Tyler Wagler on Oct 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

Hi, I just got my LPCxpresso54628 and am eager to start utilizing the mbed "drag-n-drop" programming with it. The target CPU was working out of the box with the demo graphics application it shipped with.

I have gotten my board into a place where I am able to see the debug chip with LPCScrypt, but the target seems dead. I'll detail how I got here:

1. Followed instructions to update firmware found here: up through flashing the bootloader binary for the LPC4322.

2. The next part of the instructions conflict with the instructions on the DAP-Link download page:

mbed page: When using the bootloader binary (e.g LPCXpresso54114 and LPCXpresso546xx boards) you will now see a drive named MAINTENANCE. Drag and drop the binary for your chose target onto this drive. The drive will change name to the target board (e.g. LPC54608) and is ready for drag and drop programming.

The first sentence is correct, but dragging and dropping the binary from the DAP-Link page did not work. This prompted me to follow the directions on the DAP-Link download page

I selected FF_LPC546XX and the instructions for it read as such: Download the firmware file. While holding down the boards reset button, connect the boards USB debug port to the computer. It should enumerate and mount as CRP DISABLD Delete the file named firmware.bin, then drag and drop or copy the new bin file Wait for the file copy operation to complete. Power cycle the board. It will now enumerate and mount as DAPLINK or the name of the board.

This process:

1. This requires the USB connection be to the target MCU, not the DFU-link port.

2. This also requires holding the specific ISP button for the USB port you a plugged in to, either High Speed or Full Speed.

3. CRP_DISABLD drive then enumerates and mounts with a firmware.bin file.

4. I deleted this file.

5. The copy of the new file failed, and the drive immediately unmounted itself.

6. Now, no matter what I do, I can't get the target to enter ISP mode, or be flashed from the debug MCU and can't get the "CRP_DISABLD" to show back up.

No COM ports show up when I use the USB ports and reset the target while holding ISP, tried each port, each button, thus Flash Magic doesn't know where to go. With the DFU jumper installed, if I plug USB into the PC, the MAINTENANCE drive does appear, but any .bins I copy here, the drive unmounts/remounts with a FAIL.txt saying the operation timed out. The debug MCU seems healthy, communicates with LPCscrypt, and I can successfully program it with the script "Program LPC-Link2 with CMSIS-DAP"

Any help getting my target MCU back to life would be greatly appreciated.


It seems "FF_LPC546XX" may not have been the right selection.  The instructions for "LPCXpresso54608" more closely match the instructions on the mbed page, and when I drag and drop this file to the MAINTENANCE drive, the system unmounts/mounts as a drive named "546XX" that contains DETAILS.TXT, and PRODINFO.HTM.  However, dragging any mbed created .bin file into this directory times out and causes the drive to unmounts.  

I attempted Flash Magic connected to a USB->Serial converter on P4 using ISP0, but it failed autobaud.

Again, any help reviving the target MCU would be greatly appreciated.