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IMX6ULL - CSI NTSC Interlaced Capture

Question asked by rickman Rick on Aug 22, 2018
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We have NTSC video decoder giving BT656 input, we have verified the decoder is outputting correct, 


Following IMX6UL TRM, 

i.mx6ul CSI receive interlace ccir656 video issue   and iMX7D : NTSC Video Capture 

both doesn't answer the conclusion how 

We tried as per the we even used the patch which was supplied by NXP, however their input was PAL, not NTSC.

Question we have

  1. How to configure Deinterlace stride should it be (720*2/8) ?
  2. How De-interlace stride and FBUF_STRIDE related. We saw CMA size is having effect in the DMA operations.
  3. We want to capture BT656 NTSC 525/60 signal with deinterlaced enabled.

Is there any programming guide we can follow? 


Answer from dh29 about this forum, we tried, then we get some output but its garbled. 


Thank you in advance,