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i.mx6ul CSI receive interlace ccir656 video issue

Question asked by frank chiang on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by dh29

hi guys,


Now I'm developing a project based on imx6ul and using csi driver example from SDK not linux version. My hardware looks like below illustration.


analog camera -> TW9900(ccir656 720x480 out) -> imx6ul csi -> imx6 pxp  -> ch7026 -> cvbs out


I already verified this path "imx6 pxp  -> ch7026 -> cvbs out" by inputting fixed color array data and it works fine.


But when I use CSI function to get video data from tw9900 connecting with an analog camera, cvbs out can't show stable video on the monitor as below.


I check with TW9900 FAE, he feedbacks me below information

ITU-R BT.656 for the 525-line system has 244 video active lines

in odd field and 243 video active lines in even field.

TW9900 doesn’t do any de-interlacing and its output is interlaced.


I also check CSI example code from SDK, it mentions below.



CSI work mode: The CCIR656 interlace mode is not supported currently.


How can I solve this issue?

TW9900 only outputs interlace mode but imx6 doesn't support interlace mode.

Does anyone know how to setting interlace mode on imx6 CSI function?