How to Set Up the SW Environment for NXP Vision Toolbox

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All the code generated by NXP Vision Toolbox is based on S32V234 Vision SDK package. This software package is free of charge and apart of optimized kernels and libraries for the S32V automotive vision processors, it also contains the build tools to cross-compile the MATLAB generated code to ARM A53 and APEX cores


You can obtain the S32V234 Vision SDK free of charge by using the Installer guide “Go To VSDK Download Site” button:



Perform the following steps to install the S32V234 Vision SDK and NXP Build Tools:


1. Download the Vision SDK RTM v1.2.0 on your PC. Due the size of the package this might take a while.

You may need to install additional Hot Fixes that are applicable for the Vision SDK



2. Once the executable file download is finished, select “Install VSDK and A53/APU Compilers” option in the Installer Guide UI or simply double click on the executable file.


3. Select the exe file and wait for the Vision SDK Install Anywhere to start.



3. Make sure you follow all the steps and install the:

  • NXP APU Compiler v1.0 – used to compile the generated code for APEX Vision Accelerator
  • NXP ARM GNU Compilers – used to compile the generated code for ARM A53
  • MSYS2 – used to configure the bootable Linux image and to download the actual vision application to the S32V234 Evaluation Board


The last step required for software configuration is to set two system or user environmental variables APU_TOOLS and S32V234_SDK_ROOT that points to:


APU_TOOLS= C:/NXP/APU_Compiler_v1.0

S32V234_SDK_ROOT = C:/NXP/VisionSDK_S32V2xx_RTM_1_2_0_HF1/s32v234_sdk


Ensure system or user environment variables, corresponding to the compiler(s) you have installed, are defined to compiler path value as shown below:



Note: Paths shown are for illustration, your installation path may be different. Once environmental variables are setup you will need to restart MATLAB to use these variables.


An alternative for settings the system paths manually is the “Set the environment variables” option from the NXP Vision Toolbox support package installer:


Note: If the MATLAB is open with Administrator rights, then the “Set system wide” can be used to set the system variables. Otherwise (most of the cases) use “Set user wide” to setup the environment variables.