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Yocto IMX8M GA release, dropped support for the Linux FrameBuffer graphics backend?

Question asked by Sergei Poselenov on Apr 14, 2018
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As we learned from the IMX8M Yocto GA Release Notes, the Linux Framebuffer graphics backend is no longer supported. Actually, it's even impossible to build a customized build with the FB backend, based on the Yocto GA release, by the reason that the proprietary prebuilt Vivante GPU libraries are pre-linked with the Wayland libraries.


We tried to work around the problem by falling back to the versions of the imx-gpu-viv and kernel-module-galcore packages from the Beta release, however this didn't work for us somehow - our Qt GUI application starts and seems to be working normally but nothing is displayed on LCD.


Finally we switched to Wayland, and Qt GUI app works here, however the GUI start time from the reset is now almost twice as much as it was for the Beta FB build.


Could please someone from NXP comment on the reasons why the Linux Framebuffer backend was dropped for the IMX8M Yocto BSP GA release?