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Receiving multiple bytes with LPUART0 interrupt

Question asked by Jing Yin Wong on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2019 by Jing Yin Wong

Hi NXP Team,


I am developing an application that is able to receive multiple bytes with variable length randomly through LPUART0. I modified the LPUART sample code as follows. Baud rate is 115200 with interrupt enabled.


void LPUART0_RxTx_IRQHandler (void) {
   uint8_t recieve;

   /* Clear interrupt flag */
   LPUART0->STAT = LPUART0->STAT | 0x40000000;
   /* Wait for received buffer to be full */
   recieve= LPUART0->DATA; /* Read received data*/



int main(void) {


   /* Configure PTC2 and PTC3 as LPUART0 RX and TX */

   PINS_DRV_Init(NUM_OF_CONFIGURED_PINS, g_pin_mux_InitConfigArr);


   INT_SYS_SetPriority(LPUART0_RxTx_IRQn, 10U);


   PCC->PCCn[PCC_LPUART0_INDEX] &= ~PCC_PCCn_CGC_MASK; /* Ensure clk disabled for config */
   PCC->PCCn[PCC_LPUART0_INDEX] |= PCC_PCCn_PCS(0b001) /* Clock Src= 1 (SOSCDIV2_CLK) */
   | PCC_PCCn_CGC_MASK; /* Enable clock for LPUART1 regs */
   LPUART0->BAUD = 0x16000003;

   LPUART0->CTRL=0x02C0000; /* Enable receive interrupt */



      /* Wait for the receive interrupt to get triggered */




I found that the interrupt could be triggered but I couldn't receive the right number of bytes with such implementation. For example, if 6 bytes were sent, I could only receive 2 bytes. That means "LPUART0_RxTx_IRQHandler" triggered 2 times continuously.


The API code (LPUART_DRV_ReceiveDataBlocking) was able to receive all the data sent but it requires a fix buffer size as an input parameter. Also, as the timing of receiving the data is random, I could not simply call "LPUART_DRV_ReceiveDataBlocking" function in my program and I have to write another function with interrupt enabled.


Please advice on how to receive multiple bytes (register settings etc.) with LPUART0 interrupt enabled. For example,


void LPUART0_RxTx_IRQHandler (void) {

   /* receive 1st byte */

   first_byte = LPUART0->DATA;   

   if (first_byte == 1) {

      /* receive the remaining 1 bytes */

   } else if (first_byte == 2) {

      /* receive the remaining 2 bytes */



Thank you.


Best regards,

Jing Yin