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Is T2080 Supported in current Linux Kernels?

Question asked by Vladimir Boroda on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by Li guofa



I am looking to build linux-qoriq kernel 4.9 for our T2080-based custom board.  I was planning on using the Yocto recipes for t2080rdb as the base, but it appears that the 4.9 kernels do not carry corenet64_fmanv3h_smp_defconfig any more. 


When I copied it from Freescale SDK 2.0, it seemed to be incompatible with the newer linux-qoriq 4.9 kernel.  The "Fman Support" in Device Drivers → Network device support → Ethernet driver support can be enabled, but "Frame Manager support" selection leads to an empty screen.   In arch/powerpc/configs there is not any obvious t2080rdb configuration.


Is there a known working 4.9 kernel config for t2080rdb?  Is linux-qoriq even the right kernel variant to support T2080 and e6500 cores?