T2080 SGMII lane usage

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T2080 SGMII lane usage

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Hi. I'm kim.

I want to know about solution of ethernet interface.

I use T2080. I want to usage of all lane. 1G or 100M ethernet interface.

RCW setting : 1C1F

memac0 ~ memac3 

phy chip : VSC8664 x 2ea

I was set memac0~ memac3. 

ping test result of all device was fail, timeout.

but, after memac2 and memac3 disabled through ifconfig, ping test result of memac0 is success.

memac1 doesn't work. ping test fail.

after memac0 disabled, memac1's ping result is success.

and when memac0 enabled again, memac0 ping result is fail.  

In result, When maximum 2 device enabled, 1 device work normal.

any devices have same test result, too. memac0~memac7.

Why result this?

I was confirm phy register and FMAN, memac register value. 

I couldn't find problem in register value.

please help me. 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Please provide additional information:

1) the processor connection schematics as searchable PDF

2) DTS file being used

3) U-Boot and Linux booting logs

4) the Ethernets ping tests log

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