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Host Card Emulation example (HCE)

Question asked by Gytis Kazlauskas on Nov 8, 2017
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      I am trying to run NfcrdlibEx8_HCE_T4T example to emulate NFC Forum Type 4 Tag. Till now I am able to write and read NDEF Message from other reader (also PN7462), but the problem I am facing is that I also want to read message inside my card emulation reader and print to console, but  I don't understand how can I do that. I assume that DEBUG_PRINTF(); function should be in Application thread after AppProccessCmd(); Before calling that in AppProcessCmdCallback() I update the file :

uint8_t Data[16];  // create variable for saving the data from file.(this variable global)


(void)memcpy(Data, pRxData, wRxDataLen);

(void)memcpy(&pSelectedFile[dwFileOffset], pRxData, wRxDataLen);


where I understand that NDEF meesage received from other reader is in pRxData so with memcpy function I copy that message to Data variable and later on trying to print it but I get empty message.


Other question would be is it possible to send message back from card emulation reader to other device (reader)? Because after all I want to achieve bi-directional communication between two readers.


Thank you







I am using:

I am using PN7462 two boards (these kits:

PN7462AU FW & SW Examples Full Version - v05_02_01

MCUXpresso IDE v10.0.2 [Build 411] [2017-07-11]