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Conditions for disabling time-out detection

Question asked by Masahiro Kiniwa on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by Masahiro Kiniwa

Could you tell me conditions for disabling time-out, when I use KL03 ROM bootloader.

When boot-pin is asserted or user-application is not valided, ROM bootloader disable time-out detection.
It's wrote at KL03 reference manual Rev.4 P.113 Figure 11-2.
But ROM bootloader disabled time-out detection at another situation, when I ran it from my user application.


I ran bootloader by below sequence same as RM P.114 11.3.5.
// Read the function address from the ROM API tree.
runBootloaderAddress = **(uint32_t **)(0x1c00001c);
runBootloader = (void (*)(void * arg))runBootloaderAddress;
// Start the bootloader.


And I set BCA as below.
tag = "kcfg"
enabledPeripherals = use only I2C
i2cSlaveAddress = 0x50
peripheralDetectionTimeout = 10000 (10s)


Could you tell me what happened for disabling time-out.