Motor Control Class: Lecture 10 - Speed Estimator

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In this 10th lecture of the motor control course we discuss about to build, simulate and test a Speed Estimator based on hall sensors information related to rotor position. The speed estimator is first tested under Matlab Simulink environment where its functionality and precision can be easily tested for a multiple of input frequencies. Once its operation is validated in the simulated environment the estimator is ported into the Open Loop Control model and tested on the real HW platform MPC5744 Development Kit with the BLDC motor spinning at various levels. The estimator accuracy is compared against the real motor speed measured with an oscilloscope. 


Main topics:

    - What is a speed estimator and how it works;

    - Mathematical model behind the Hall based speed estimator;

    - Build the Simulink model for Speed Estimator;

    - Test the Speed Estimator on the real hardware;



    - Understand the concept of speed estimation;

    - Measure the motor speed;   

    - Confirm the speed estimator results against the one measured in real time;


NOTE: Chinese viewers can watch the video on YOUKU using this link




Additional information:

    - pdf attached with slides shown in this video;

    - Simulink models used in this video;

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