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How to creating and using  own Libraries with "CW for MPC55xx, MPC56xx 2.10" ?

Question asked by ww x on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2017 by ww x

Requirement analysis:

Some on-board peripheral drivers in the current project need to be made in the form of (static) libraries for use by other developers.


The hardware platform used for project development: MPC5634M
Project development using the IDE: CW for MPC55xx, MPC56xx 2.10


After a few days of research, and did not find static library related options in CW for MPC55xx, MPC56xx 2.10   so I suspecte that the version is too low, then went to install CW for MCU v10.6.4, and found There is a function of making a static library, but then there is a problem that  the static library created by CW for MCU v10.6.4 , but in the CW for MPC55xx, MPC56xx 2.10 can not link it successfully.

for example:

Link Error : Linker
command file output section '.text' has a type or input which is incompatible with
section '.text' in file 'D:\Codewarrier\workspace\multiValue\Debug\Lib\mylibrary_c.obj'.
Change the type or add an input for this section.
Link failed.


The following questions are available:
1.CW for MPC55xx, MPC56xx 2.10 have the function of making static library? If so, where is it set up?
2.CW for MCU v10.6.4 create the library in the CW for MPC55xx, MPC56xx 2.10 that link error, how to solve.
3. What is the best solution for this requirement?