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Ram Area for stack

Question asked by Ken Su on Apr 26, 2017
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I am using 1857 and MCUExpresso, I run the freeRtos sample project,

When I add more task, I find the app crash when I run.


I guess the crash cause is the stack not enough, because of the following test:


I calculate my total stack is about 36K. It's bigger than RAMLoc32,

I switch the RamLoc40 to the first Ram Area.

The app can run successfully.


At first, I thought the compiler will allocate all stack automatically with all RAMLoc32,  RAMLoc40, RAMAHB32, RAMAHB40 since the project had add these RAM.


Should I do special process for using other RAM area if my stack is not enough, not automatically by compiler?

(I saw some discussion about using other RAM for stack.)