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How to enable graphics acceleration on iMX6SL (Buildroot + QT5)?

Question asked by Jari Peltonen on Mar 12, 2017
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I'm working on iMX6 SoloLite Evaluation board MCIMX6SLEVK + display MCIMX28LCD.

My SW environment is Buildroot 2017.02 with QT5 Webkit kiosk.

I am trying to get graphics acceleration (eglfs) working on my HW. I have done several experiments but no luck so far.

Basically I am trying to set the correct combination of config parameters in menuconfig.

I am able to start the Webkit browser with "linuxfb" plugin (command line option -platform linuxfb:fb=/dev/fb0), the web page opens up ok. But when trying to start the browser with "eglfs" plugin (-platform eglfs), it fails.

Currently the error message on terminal indicates following:


qt.qpa.egldeviceintegration: EGL device integration plugin keys: ("eglfs_viv")
qt.qpa.egldeviceintegration: EGL device integration plugin keys (sorted): ("eglfs_viv")
qt.qpa.egldeviceintegration: Trying to load device EGL integration "eglfs_viv"
qt.qpa.egldeviceintegration: Using EGL device integration "eglfs_viv"
qt.qpa.input: libinput: input device '20b8000.kpp', /dev/input/event0 is tagged by udev as: Keyboard
qt.qpa.input: libinput: input device '20b8000.kpp', /dev/input/event0 is a keyboard
qt.qpa.input: libinput: input device 'WM8962 Beep Generator', /dev/input/event1 not tagged as input device
qt.qpa.input: libinput: not using input device '/dev/input/event1'.
qt.qpa.input: Using xkbcommon for key mapping
xkbcommon: ERROR: failed to add default include path /usr/share/X11/xkb
Failed to create xkb context
No signal BREAK defined
QEGLPlatformContext: Failed to create context: 3005
EGLFS: Failed to create compositing context


Thanks for any hint or advice you might have!

Best regards,

Jari Peltonen