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How to change function linking order in S32DS?

Question asked by Zhijun Yao on Feb 19, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by stanish

I'am working with MPC5744P, and I'd like to understand how to change the function linking order with S32DS. Creating a new project, after building, S32DS assign function address by default, from low to high address, main()->dummy()->SetIVPR->InitINTC->enableIrg->xcptn_xmpl, as bellow.

 .text.main     0x01002bc8       0x28 ./src/main.o
                0x01002bc8                main
 .text.dummy    0x01002bf0        0xc ./src/intc_SW_mode_isr_vectors_MPC5744P.o
                0x01002bf0                dummy
 .text.SetIVPR  0x01002bfc       0x1a ./src/MPC57xx__Interrupt_Init.o
                0x01002bfc                SetIVPR
                0x01002c16       0x3c ./src/MPC57xx__Interrupt_Init.o
                0x01002c16                InitINTC
                0x01002c52       0x24 ./src/MPC57xx__Interrupt_Init.o
                0x01002c52                enableIrq
                0x01002c76       0x34 ./src/MPC57xx__Interrupt_Init.o
                0x01002c76                xcptn_xmpl


Now, I need to change linking order, moving main() to the bottom, dummy()->SetIVPR->InitINTC->enableIrg->xcptn_xmpl->main(). How can I set this in S32DS to control linking order?