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LPC54608 Xpresso

Discussion created by Eli Hughes on Dec 12, 2016
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Christmas came early for me this year!   I managed to get a hold of some of the new LPCXpresso54608 boards.



What caught my eye was the combination of a TFT,  external SDRAM,  audio codec and a digital MIC.   I had been looking for a good board to teach an audio processing course at PSU this Spring.   It seems that may have found it.  Last week at the Embedded Systems Conference I gave a technical session on utilizing the DSP instructions in the Cortex M4 and M7 cores.   Since I had this board, I decided to make my own audio badge:




It was a quick demo of using the TFT with the DMIC and the ARM CMSIS DSP libraries.     You can see I am plotting the time domain and the magnitude of an FFT in real time.  It made for a very nice and fluid demonstration.     I will have a spectrogram mode as soon as I get a bit more time.   


LPC546xx family is looking pretty cool. I believe the LPCXpresso 54608 board will be out shortly for purchase through the common distributors. The new  I highly recommend getting your hands on one.   It is a nice board for playing around with the Cortex M4 core and doing some audio processing.   The board  also has Dual USB (a feature I like in the LPC43xx series), SD Card, Ethernet and 8 Megabytes of RAM.    Not a bad deal at all!