Justin Mortimer

Introducing the first of many LPC546xx Families

Blog Post created by Justin Mortimer Employee on Oct 25, 2016

If you haven't heard, our LPC54000 power-efficient platform is expanding to address what our 10,000+ customers have been waiting for patiently ... an extension to some of our most popular devices in the market, including LPC1700.


The time has come ... lead customers are developing on the LPCXpresso54608 board now!


By the way, our LPC54000 platform may have a different part number nomenclature compared to what you have grown to love in our existing LPC families, but in the end, it's just a part number for ordering and marking.  So let me introduce the first of a few new LPC546xx families coming very soon ....




This is our Baseline HMI & Connectivity MCU family for the industrial, IoT and general embedded markets, a great starting point for your development, which is why we will being this to market first.


The family leverages a 180MHz Cortex-M4 and fits a sweet spot with respect to balancing power and performance.  But the it is far more than just another Cortex-M4 and also more than just an LPC1700 series upgrade.  With options for up to 512Kbyte of Flash, 200Kbyte of SRAM, 16Kbyte EEPROM, and additional memory interface options, we thinkyou will like what you see.


e've combined some new features, such as a 12MHz power-optimized free running oscillator, trimmed to 1% accuracy over temperature and voltage.  A 5Msps 12-bit, 12-channel ADC, along with a bunch of peripherals you have grown to love, such as FS & HS USB, CAN, Ethernet, and a Graphics Display Controller.


With over 21 communication interfaces, including 10 Flexible Serial Interfaces, the key for this product family is flexibility, giving you option to customize the device for your application.


Standby as we start going deeper into the product details and software of this new product family!!