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mmCAU linker error in KDSv3.2 for K64F

Question asked by Tilak Lakshmana on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by Alice_Yang

Dear NXP/community support,


I am using the software from


I am including the lib_mmcau.a for K64F based project in KDS v3.2. To make KDS to pick up the library the underscore is removed and –lmmcau is added along with –L path to the library where libmmcau.a is found. Also, FREESCALE_MMCAU is defined. However, I still get a linker error when the setKey function is invoked from my program . The error is for example, "undefined reference to `mmcau_aes_set_key(unsigned char const*, int, unsigned char*)'"

It would be great if you can help as to how to add lib_mmcau.a to a simple KDS_v3 project. I could not even succeed with a simple project with mmCAU for K64F.


Kindly help.