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How to understand NFC reader library

Question asked by 悟 三輪 on Oct 2, 2016
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I have started to develop the NFC reader/writer product using PN5180. For the starter, I am now reviewing the NFC library code running on the evaluation board PNEV5180B_V2.0.

At first, I am not the expert in this field and still studying everything required for NFC and PN5180. So please allow me to write very elementary questions..


My first question is how I can get the tag application data such as user written information. By using library software: Basicdiscovery, I can read tag information like card type, UID, etc. But it seems that it does not support to get those application data. So could you let me know what variable or structure the application data is stored and what function stores them form receiving buffer. As I think the variables are provided respectively to the protocol, I need the information for 14443A, 14443B, Felica, and 15693 .


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  S. Miwa