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Enabling LFN configuration in KSDK V. 2 FRDM-K64F USB HOST FATFS demo project causes build errors

Question asked by Marco Aurelio P. Coelho on May 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by Marco Aurelio P. Coelho



I don't know if somebody experienced something like that.


I'm running KSDK V. 2 FRDM-K64F USB HOST FATFS demo project. Everything works. But, when I enable LFN (long file name) in ffconf.h file, I run into a lot of build errors. I notice that all those errors are caused by ff_memalloc and ff_memfree functions that compiler could find in the project, though they are there.


That doesn't make any sense at all, because I didn't change anything in demo project. So, why is this happening? Am I missing something?




Can anybody help me on that please?


Thanks and best regards,


Marco Coelho

Applications Engineer

Siletec Eletronica