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Stand alone run mode not matching debug session

Question asked by therealfreegeek on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by therealfreegeek

Board - FRDMK64

KSDK - 1.3

KDS - 3 with all the updates


Problem - It looks like my RTC "seconds" interrupt is not happening or is not being serviced when running stand alone but is working perfectly in debug mode.


I have created a simple project to demonstrate. I have added USBCDC and the Debug console so that PRINTF is sent over the K64 USB on the FRDM board.


The main code is;


PRINTF("Hello world \r\n");


int i = 0;


     if (second_tick == 1 ){

     PRINTF("%d\r\n", i);

     second_tick = 0;





and the interrupt handler is;


void RTC_Seconds_IRQHandler(void)


       second_tick = 1;



The project prints as expected on the K64 USB when running from the debugger but when running stand alone only prints "Hello world", then nothing, as if the RTC seconds interrupt is not happening.


I posted this over on the KDS area when I thought I was not creating the "release" code properly but now think that this is not the issue.


Please have a look at the attached project and let me know if you also see the problem.


Here is the video -

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