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Problem creating prtition for EEPROM in Kinetis MK10DX256VLL7

Question asked by Juan Fortuny on Apr 18, 2016



I have been trying all the ways to use the EEPROM of the K10 MCU on KDS 3.1.0.


Here are the steps I made.


1.- In Processor Expert I set the EEPROM size to 2048 bytes and the EEPROM backup size to 32K. This gives a FlexNVM Partition code: 0x03, EEPROM Data Set Size: 0x23.

2.- I enable the Cpu_SetFlexNVMPartition(),  Cpu_SetFlexRAMFunction(),  Cpu_GetFlexNVMPartitionCode();

3.- I made a routine so it will only try once in the lifetime of the firmware to set the partition. It always fails to create, I assume that is because a function in Flash cannot modify it and have no idea how to execute the Cpu_SetFlexNVMPartition() to RAM.

4.- I tried from the Debug Configurations, Advanced Options,Enable  Partitioning for the device enabled with the value of 2303. In this process I also do a mass erase.

5.- After I do the step above I cannot debug, it goes to an error and I cannot step. I uncheck the option Enable Partitioning and check the Preserve Partitioning and uncheck the mass erase option. I can debug, the function Cpu_GetFlexNVMPartitionCode() returns a partition but partition size 3F instead of 24 and 0D instead of 03. I test an no Information is saved on EEPROM


I tried also form CodeWarrior the same as above, I am able to debug when set the partition from the debugger but the same result.


Also made new project only for testing the EEPROM and the same..


Has anyone got to work the EEPROM?


Many Thanks

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