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eMMC boot fail issue on imx6solo  ?

Question asked by robin singh on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by robin singh

Hi All/Kursad/Igor,


I am trying to boot from emmc but there are some issue.  i tried boot tester tool as per this post :

mfgtool gets stuck while loading Android 5.0 onto imx6 board based on SabreSD.


and here are the result, can some body from freescale  give  me some pointer based on this log  , where is it failing ?


C:\Users\rsingh\Desktop\i.mx6SLSXSDLDQDPQP_rev106>Boot_Tester.exe -t imx -df 6te


MX6DL opened.


Image loading...

download Image to IRAM OK


Re-open imx device.

Running BOOT DEBUG., press "ESC" key to exit.



    Boot Debug (106.1) for MX6DL

    Build: Nov 10 2015, 21:41:50

    Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.




WDOG Fuse Disabled



Boot_cfg_1    = 0x60

Boot_cfg_2    = 0x58

Boot_cfg_3    = 0x00

Boot_cfg_4    = 0x00



SBMR2         = 0x22000001

  BMOD        = 10  Boot from GPIO/Fuses


  DIR_BT_DIS  = 0

  SEC_CONFIG  = 01



Persistent Reg Value: 0x00000000



iROM Version  = 0x13




    Device         = MX6 Solo/Duallite

    Si Revision    = 1.3



Log Entry #0    (0x00010002)  BOOTMODE - Internal/Override

Log Entry #1    (0x000200f0)  Security Mode - Open

Log Entry #2    (0x00030000)  DIR_BT_DIS = 0

Log Entry #3    (0x00040000)  BT_FUSE_SEL = 0

Log Entry #4    (0x00050001)  Secondary Image Selected

Log Entry #5    (0x00060001)  USDHC Boot

Log Entry #6    (0x00070000)  Device INIT Call

Log Entry #7    (0x000700f0)  Device INIT Pass

Log Entry #8    (0x00080000)  Device READ Data Call     Address: 0x00000000

Log Entry #10   (0x000800f0)  Device READ Data Pass

Log Entry #11   (0x00061fff)  Recovery Mode NONE

Log Entry #12   (0x00062001)  MFG Mode USDHC

Log Entry #13   (0x00070000)  Device INIT Call

Log Entry #14   (0x00070033)  Device INIT Fail

Log Entry #15   (0x000c0000)  Serial Downloader Entry

Log Entry #16   (0x00090000)  HAB Authentication Status Code:

                (0x00032233)  Invalid Address

Log Entry #18   (0x000d0000)  Serial Downloader Call

                (0x0091712c)  Address: 0x0091712c





Type 0 to Exit

Type 1 to Read Memory

Type 2 to Write Memory

Type 3 to Read Boot Page

Type 4 to Memory Dump




thanks and regards

Robin Singh