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Erasing a secured S12XD device via BDM

Question asked by jmk on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by Edward Karpicz

I am developing a programming solution for S12XD devices via the BDM interface. Everything is working properly (erase, write verify of both flash and eeprom) as long as I program the FSEC bits of flash location 0x7F_FF0F with 0b10 (UNSECURED).


It should be possible to mass erase the flash contents when the device is in a secured state, so I have programmed the FSEC bit to 0b11 (secured).

Since I did this, I am not able to program/erase the device anymore, because of the security.

I have tried the "Complete Mass Erase (Special Modes)" as written in the security chapter of the manual, but nothing changes to the contents of the flash.

The program is still executing, an so the security is still present.


Can somebody give me a good hint, or something to try out?


Many thanks