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How to create a custom board project based on K64

Question asked by Riju Peter on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2015 by Riju Peter


I am bringing up the custom board designed based on K64 micro. During the bring up I used Tower K64 based projects for USB and ethernet interfaces. And KDS 3.0 and KDSK 1.2 with processor expert for bringing up peripherals interfaces like UART, SPI etc.


Now I need to create a project exclusively for my custom board with USB, ethernet, SD CARD, file system support on MQX platform.

Please share me any document which explains the procedure. Most of the time I can see the documents which written for KDSK 1.2, is referring to KDSK 1.1 folder structure.

Basically I do not want to modify the TowerK64 folders for my custom board.

Would greatly appreciate  any help on this.