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lwIP project that was working in KDS 2.0 with MQX and PEx no longer works in KDS 3.0

Question asked by dave408 on May 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2015 by dave408

I had a very difficult time getting my lwIP application to work.  It took a little bit of luck in addition to great help from Marek Neuzil in my thread  Assistance needed with lwIP + PEx + KSDK to get it actually working.


The problem is, with the release of KDS 3.0 and KSDK 1.2, I had to create my project from scratch, and after following what I believe to be the same steps, my application does not work again.


The basic steps include:

  1. adding MQX and setting it to MQX Standard
  2. disabling DbgCs1 and adding a new fsl_uart shared component to MQX
  3. assigning fsl_uart to a random UART I don't need (as I am using semihosting)
  4. assigning pins to the ENET component in pin_init
  5. setting the RMII_MDIO pin to open drain, pulled up, and enabled
  6. adding the necessary header file include directories
  7. adding a link to fsl_phy_driver.c to my Source folder

(hopefully I didn't miss anything above)


Even after going through all of those steps again, my lwIP application runs and waits for an incoming connection, verified by single stepping through each line and checking for unhandled returned errors.  It all checks out fine, but I still cannot ping or connect.  However, the lwip demo application that comes with KSDK 1.2 works just fine.


Can anyone offer any assistance or advise?  I've also attached my sample project here.  Thank you!

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