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Assistance needed with lwIP + PEx + KSDK

Question asked by dave408 on Apr 14, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2015 by dave408

I'm trying to put together a PEx test app that integrates lwIP.  I'm starting from scratch, but pulling code as-needed from the lwip_tcpecho demo application.


I think I've got everything together.  I pulled in the fsl_enet PEx component to get the ENET_DRV_* functions, and found the PHY_DRV_* functions defined in /boards/common/phyksz8041 so I added that folder as well.  Everything compiles, and I can run, but I can't initialize TCP/IP.  The call to tcpip_init(NULL,NULL) fails.  I've stepped into the code and it doesn't get very far.  Ultimately, I think it comes down to the MQX configuration, because of the following info:


Call Stack before hang:


OSA_MemAlloc doesn't want to allocate any memory:


and this causes subsequent functions to fail due to the null pointer.


Looked at MQXCFG_ALLOCATOR, it's related to the mqx_sdk_config settings, which then include small, lite, and max ram configurations depending upon the setting.  However, when using the MQX PEx component, there isn't any analog to this setting.  Or is there?  Maybe someone here can help steer me in the right direction with the correct settings.  I was thinking that I could just #define MQXCFG_ALLOCATOR, but then I fully expect the problem to crop up somewhere else down the road.


Can anyone please explain the ins an outs of getting lwip and the MQX PEx component to co-exist?  This question equally applies to RTCS, because I haven't been able to get my RTCS project upgraded to MQX and PEx.