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FlashLoader on Kinetis MK02, Incorrect Peripherals, Error in Reference Manual

Question asked by Miner on Jan 8, 2015
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I am laying out a board using the MK02FN128VLH10.  During testing, I want to load my application by using the pre-programmed Kinetis FlashLoader that should be present on the chip. 


As I was digging through the documentation, I came across an error in the reference manual, listing the incorrect peripherals for this chip.


K02F Sub-Family Reference Manual

Supports: MK02FN128VLH10, MK02FN128VLF10, MK02FN128VFM10, MK02FN64VLH10, MK02FN64VLF10, MK02FN64VFM10

Document Number: K02P64M100SFARM    Rev. 1, 7/2014


On page 239, table 13-1 lists the “Kinetis Flashloader Peripheral Pinmux”

FlashLoader Table.jpg


PTE0/PTE1 for the UART1 TX/RX looks fine. 


However, this chip family does not have I2C1 nor SPI1.

And the Port C & D pins listed in the table on page 239 don’t have the corresponding I2C or SPI hardware.


Pinout table.jpg

(This pinout image  was cut from the table starting on page 178 of the same manual.)


Does anyone know which pins are enabled for SPI and I2C, in the FlashLoader pre-programmed in the factory?