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KDS Static Library Project - Another Bug Report - Need Fix

Question asked by Eli Hughes on Sep 11, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2015 by Kris Simonsen

Another issue with KDS V1.1.0 and a static library project.  (Started here KDS Static Library Project - Bug Report +Fix for future versions)


When the archiver is invoked,   It is not passing the correct path of the object files to the archiver.


Here is the example:


I am building CMSIS DSP 3.2.  The compile phase runs correctly.    All of the object files are stored in “./Debug/Sources/DSP_Lib/Source/…….”


So,  for a C file that is located in




The Object File will end up here:




“Debug” is the current eclipse build configuration.


Here is the issue. When the archiver is invoked it is passing the path to the source file, not the object file: (I cutout most object file paths for clarity)

make all

'Building target: libCMSIS_DSP_3.2.a'

'Invoking: Cross ARM GNU Archiver'

arm-none-eabi-ar -r  "libCMSIS_DSP_3.2.a" ./Sources/DSP_Lib/Source/TransformFunctions/arm_bitreversal.o./Sources/DSP_Lib/Source/BasicMathFunctions/arm_sub_q7.o ……………………………..


arm-none-eabi-ar: creating libCMSIS_DSP_3.2.a

arm-none-eabi-ar: ./Sources/DSP_Lib/Source/FilteringFunctions/armcorrelate_fast_q15.o: No such file or directory

make: *** [libCMSIS_DSP_3.2.a] Error 1


Notice that it is passing the path “./Sources/DSP_Lib/Source…..”    not “./Debug/Sources/DSP_Lib/Sources….”


I am not sure how to fix the setting that generates makefile.  


I have attached the project to this message.

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