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KDS Static Library Project - Bug Report +Fix for future versions

Question asked by Eli Hughes on Sep 10, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2014 by Eli Hughes

There is a bug in KDS V 1.1.0.     I wanted to create a project that builds a static library (CMSIS DSP in this case).   I have done this plenty of times in CW.




1.)   I created a KDS project

2.)  I deleted the Startup code

3.) I changed the build artifact to a Static library   C/C++ Build->Settings-->BuildArtifact


An error occurs when the archiver is started.   I tracked it down and it turns out that  system build variable "cross_ar" is not defined by default.   Under C/C++ build , build variables I set cross_ar to "ar" and was able to get a project to build.


Ideally there should be a nice wizard for static library projects that have this build variable set.